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IT-and-Compliance role

Your Requirements Meets Our Expertise

As an IT Manager or Compliance Officer, you are at the forefront of the organization's innovation, risk management and regulatory compliance. Balancing innovative technology solutions with stringent compliance demands, you know that

Compliance does not equal Security and In digital transformation, adoption 
is the greatest challenge

Startups and Small Businesses face common challenges around IT and compliance.  
How you manage your IT defines your maturity, resilience and integrity.

  • Lack in-house expertise to implement modern solutions
  • Difficulty getting staff to adopt new technology
  • Technology solutions not optimized and are unmanaged
  • Poor planning and selection lead to failed projects
  • Monitoring compliance controls is time consuming
Let’s make IT simple
IT and Compliance Role

Imagis isn’t just an IT Support firm;

we are your IT Maturity partner

At Imagis, we partner with forward-thinking technology and compliance leaders just like you, offering modern technology expertise, helps you meet and exceed requirements, innovate and manage risk effectively. 

How does Imagis Elevate Your IT Maturity, Ensure Compliance and Design a Great User Experience?

  • Streamline IT Operations for Peak Efficiency

    Optimize your IT operations with our tailored solutions, designed to enhance efficiency and reliability.

    • Cloud Optimization
    • Collaborative Service Ticket Management
    • End-User Training
  • Audit-Ready IT to Meet Any Compliance Requirements

    IT service delivery designed to meet audit requirements and have evidence available on-demand with our compliance automation platform making compliance a seamless part of your operations.

    • GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 27001 and more
    • Automated Control Monitoring
    • InfoSec Policy Development and Training
  • Fortify Your Defenses with Advanced Security

    Our cutting-edge security solutions protect your assets from the ever-evolving threats, ensuring your organization's and clients' data remains secure.

    • 24x7 Managed Threat Detection
    • Zero-Trust Architecture
    • Incident Response Planning

See how IT and Compliance Executives Thrive with an Imagis Partnership  

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What our Clients Say

Imagis supported us through the whole process, was extremely responsive, and delivered their full scope of work.

Connor M.

Vice President

Imagis’ ability to provide customized solutions based on our organizational needs is impressive.

Rainey A.

Associate Director for Technology and Operation

Imagis’ project management is outstanding; I can’t imagine a project being managed better.

Kerri W.


I’m very pleased with how quick and thorough they are, all while keeping us updated on the status of the fixes.

Erin W.

Office Manager

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